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We have superior working knowledge of the superannuation industry across multi-employer, corporate, government, retail and DIY funds.

We are at the forefront of accounting, tax and compliance issues facing the industry and have gained extensive and detailed knowledge of the current issues facing trustees.

Some consulting engagements we have recently undertaken for our superannuation clients have included:

  • Work on a number of claims where fraud occurred to reinstate members entitlements
  • High level strategic consulting on legislative changes
  • Implementation of and changes to frequency of unit pricing
  • Assessment of custody services and reporting
  • Working with constitutionally protected funds to achieve strategic certain outcomes
  • Tax consulting services, including private rulings on a number of contentious issues
  • Submissions to Government on behalf of trustees on proposed legislative changes

We have also provided submissions on changes to accounting standards and have been a representative on a number of taskforces for the implementation of legislative reforms.